Wednesday, March 6, 2013

These Next Five Minutes Could Change Your Life

All I can say is that EVERYONE should stat learning how to computer program and code; honestly, it is not that hard. Why should you learn how to computer program and code? I will let the millionaires, billionaires, and music and NBA celebrities explain it to you. Watch the video below.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Taking Marketing and Business to a Whole New Level: 3D Printers

I don't even know where to start...creating whatever you can think of on a user friendly 3D computer program and then printing that object out? 3D printers are already changing the world and the technology isn't even close to its prime!! 

Check out the video below. In seven minutes you will learn what a 3D printer is, how to use it, how it has already started changing the world, and how it is planning to be used in the future to change the world even more!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Joke of the Day!

Question:  Did you hear about the robber that robbed the bakery store?

Answer: He was after the dough!!

Reaction from audience: HAHAHA.....hopefully :)

Home Moving Service Taken to a Whole New Level

Don't we all just love having to spend a million hours packing, moving, and unpacking when  switching dorms, apartments, or homes? I don't know about you, but I hate it...especially since I have been doing it since I have been 15 years old!

This would be to good to be true, but wouldn't it be cool if there was a moving service that came to your place, packed everything for you the way you wanted it, moved your things to your new place, and then unpacked everything they way your wanted it all in the same day? Well...Japan is the place to be because this service exists their! Don't believe me? Click on the link below to watch for yourself!!

Using Technology to Make an Everyday Routine Fun!

Has anyone heard of Qualcomm? I didn't untill yesterday after I seeing a brilliant guerrilla tactic that they conducted! Qualcomm specializes in mobile technologies, and took the idea of QR codes to make peoples everyday bus route more entertaining! Check out the video!!

Hello Kitty Goes to Space!

Hello Kitty is known throughout the US and in many international markets, but did the science project of 12 year old Lauren Rojas of launching a Hello Kitty doll to space help advertise and increase Hello Kitty's brand awareness?

We recently saw Red Bull gain intentional attention through sponsoring Felix's skydive jump from space, and now we see that Hello Kitty has reached for the stars as well. Is the idea of space going to be the next big marketing strategy for companies?

Check out the article/video about Lauren Rojas launching a Hello Kitty doll to space:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Exchange of Value - "Integrity Selling and E-Commerce"

I found something that I think will help our Pod (Sports Pod) to think of some other ideas of how to approach potential sponsors! While doing research on the exchange of value I came across a couple of publications talking about how value can be exchanged through "integrity selling". I found this concept to be very interesting and will definitely get Professor Whalen and my group's take on it! The first link below highlights the key characteristics of integrity selling and the second link jumps into the details of it. Check it out! 


I also found a helpful publication explaining the exchange of value through e-commerce! I don't know if my Pod will incorporate this for our particular marketing problem, but it may give some ideas to the groups in the other Pods! Check it out! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Leading a Massive Shift in Innovation - TED

          TED is one of the best and most inspirational organizations that exists. We always try to go and see well known international figures whenever given the chance to hear them speak. TED gives the chance for individuals to speak about their thoughts, ideas, and creations that I argue are more innovative than many of the ideas and creations of extremely successful business men/women that we know of. Not only does TED give the chance for people to gain awareness, but it also gives the global community a better and more inspirational way of communicating. As TED continues to grow and more innovative ideas are spread by people who have never been given a proper opportunity to speak about their ideas, the world will experience a massive shift in innovation.
          Below is the link to TED's main website and a few links to incredible TED talks with individuals talking about their innovative ideas and creations.

TED Main Website:

Ludwick Marishane - A bath without water:

Amos Winter - The cheap all-terrain wheelchair:


Ethics Like You Have Never Seen Before

          Ethics and social responsibility plays a major role in the business world today. It is interesting to see how companies differentiate themselves from competitors and other companies in general through their social responsibility and ethical practices. It is nice to see when companies try to be as ethical and social responsible as possible, but it is incredible to see companies try something different to truly show their passion for social responsibility and ethics.   
          Patagonia is a company that is based in Ventura, California that sells outdoor apparel. The company decided to launch an ad campaign that many thought was a crazy and that it would significantly hurt its annual revenue. Although many thought they were insane, Patagonia released an ad advertising one of their jackets titled "DON'T BUY THIS JACKET" on November 25, 2011 during Black Friday. Regardless of what would happen, Patagonia wanted its customers to know that to manufacture this jacket was very harmful to the environment and that they should only purchase one if needed. They also advocated customers who have already purchased these jackets in the past to recycle them when they are not needed anymore.
          Not only was this ad respected by many consumers, but Patagonia's sales skyrocketed. Click the link below to check out the advertisement!

Are Robots Already Taking Over?

          I almost had to look at this a second time because I had a hard believing what I was seeing was real! Audi just took the auto industry to another level. For years auto companies have been trying to find out how to solve one problem that may drivers have in common...parking. We have seen auto companies install cameras and senors in the front and back of cars, and other tools to help drivers park. Audi thought that was not enough and created a complete automatic parking system. With a touch of your smart phone, you can either command your car to park itself or leave the parking lot to come and find you. I will let Audi explain the rest! Click the link below to watch this amazing piece of technology in action!

Operation Guerrilla

          One of the best ways to get the name of your company out their is through guerrilla tactics. Not only are guerrilla tactics inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising, but once when you get the word buzzing in the neighborhood, it will soon be buzzing over the internet!
          Here is a fantastic guerrilla tactic that was organized by TNT. Wanting to increase their viewership in Bulgaria, TNT came up with an amazing idea to capture the attention of people walking by an everyday town square.
          Not only did it generate buzz in the neighborhood, but it also generated buzz on the internet getting over 42 million views on YouTube. Click on the link below to go and watch the action!

Have you Ever Dropped Water on your Phone or Beer on your Computer?

           I am sure that all of us have had an experience of dropping liquids on an expensive electronic or an expensive electronic in liquid. Tell me if this sounds familiar; we will take a cell phone for this example: Phone gets wet....start freaking out as it turns off....get a bowl of rice to throw it in or a blow dryer to dry it...hope that we won't have to spend money on a new phone....hope that we won't loose all of our contacts/pictures.
          Well if you are just like me, this has not only happened once, but it has happened more than it should have. That is why I can't wait for NeverWet to come out with their new Super Hydrophobic Spray product. You can apply this product on anything and it whatever you spray it on will never get wet. Don't believe me? Click on the link below to go and check out the videos they have posted showing the product in action!
          Amazing innovative idea that I believe will explode when this product hits the market!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Where Customer Service Creates Value

          Although consumers may rate the value of a company through the product(s) and/or service(s) that are sold, customer service and how the company treats its consumers on a day-to-day basis also plays a large part in determining the overall value of a company. One company that comes to mind which provides great products and that truly cares about its customers is Zappos. Not only is the customer service known for being extremely respectable, but they will do whatever they can in their power to help the customer get what they are looking for. Situations have occurred where customers have called customer service looking for a certain shoe product that Zappos did not have. Even though Zappos was not carrying the item at that particular time, customer service found the shoe being sold in one of its competitors stores and directed the customer to the store to make sure they got what they wanted. With over 19 thousand online reviews these past twelve months, Zappos has achieved an almost perfect ranking of 4.8 stars out of 5. If you don’t believe me, check out the link posted below! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Day of the Case

First major assignment done! I am happy we did the assessment of the case online…writing out the short answers would have definitely taken me a little while haha! Splitting up with half of our pods to further assess the case was fun; one of my favorite ideas that we came up with was the “Parents Corner.” Along with videotaping the campers enjoying themselves at camp, the camera crew would make a special video that recorded the positive remarks that parents had for sending their children to WC; this would hopefully catch the attention of parents who are planning to send their children to camp during the summer months.
Fun class, fun discussions, can’t wait to see what is in store for next week! Enjoy the long weekend everyone! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

What is the Sports Pod Looking to Do?

It is pretty exciting to see where things will go with the Sports Pod especially since there are many directions that we can take. After getting together last class, we all decided to reach out to people that we know that work in sports hoping to find a cool gig to work on whether it be working with a company/organization, team, and/or professional athlete(s). We talked about potentially being able to work with ESPN which was pretty exciting. If we can’t find something throughout the people that we know, we will look for a local company to work with. But who knows, maybe we can get Colby Bryant or Lionel Messi in the class…I wish!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sports Pod Cracking Down on the Value of Marketing

It was nice to see familiar faces and meet new people last Thursday in Integrative Marketing Strategy; I can already tell that this is going to be an awesome class! After grouping up with the Sports pod (let’s do this team!), we discussed about our thoughts on the value of marketing. Each person had really good thoughts and points about the value of marketing and how significant it is in the business world. One point that was made that I found interesting was that the value of marketing and marketers themselves is many times undervalued. Some examples of what we hear people say is that “marketing is a very easy job” and/or “you can’t do too much with a marketing career”. Well, as my pod and I discussed…people who say that are WRONG! I can go on for paragraphs about the importance of marketing but for the sake of your time and not wanting you to bore you with my babbling I will just say that without a business having some sort of marketing, whether it is positive word of mouth or advertising, achieving success is next to impossible.
I am not the only one saying that businesses need marketing to be successful…there are many other individuals, specialists, and companies who are saying it as well. Below are two links. The first link will guide you to a page that will ask you to download a PDF file. The PDF file consists of an article that was published by McKinsey Quarterly in July, 2011. The article mentions Steve Ridgway (CEO of Virgin Atlantic Airways), John Hayes (CMO of American Express), and Duncan Watts (Principal research scientist at Yahoo! Research) talking about their view on marketing and sales practice. The second link will guide you to an article published on Houston Chron about the importance of marketing in order for a business to gain success.