Sunday, February 24, 2013

Joke of the Day!

Question:  Did you hear about the robber that robbed the bakery store?

Answer: He was after the dough!!

Reaction from audience: HAHAHA.....hopefully :)

Home Moving Service Taken to a Whole New Level

Don't we all just love having to spend a million hours packing, moving, and unpacking when  switching dorms, apartments, or homes? I don't know about you, but I hate it...especially since I have been doing it since I have been 15 years old!

This would be to good to be true, but wouldn't it be cool if there was a moving service that came to your place, packed everything for you the way you wanted it, moved your things to your new place, and then unpacked everything they way your wanted it all in the same day? Well...Japan is the place to be because this service exists their! Don't believe me? Click on the link below to watch for yourself!!

Using Technology to Make an Everyday Routine Fun!

Has anyone heard of Qualcomm? I didn't untill yesterday after I seeing a brilliant guerrilla tactic that they conducted! Qualcomm specializes in mobile technologies, and took the idea of QR codes to make peoples everyday bus route more entertaining! Check out the video!!

Hello Kitty Goes to Space!

Hello Kitty is known throughout the US and in many international markets, but did the science project of 12 year old Lauren Rojas of launching a Hello Kitty doll to space help advertise and increase Hello Kitty's brand awareness?

We recently saw Red Bull gain intentional attention through sponsoring Felix's skydive jump from space, and now we see that Hello Kitty has reached for the stars as well. Is the idea of space going to be the next big marketing strategy for companies?

Check out the article/video about Lauren Rojas launching a Hello Kitty doll to space:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Exchange of Value - "Integrity Selling and E-Commerce"

I found something that I think will help our Pod (Sports Pod) to think of some other ideas of how to approach potential sponsors! While doing research on the exchange of value I came across a couple of publications talking about how value can be exchanged through "integrity selling". I found this concept to be very interesting and will definitely get Professor Whalen and my group's take on it! The first link below highlights the key characteristics of integrity selling and the second link jumps into the details of it. Check it out! 


I also found a helpful publication explaining the exchange of value through e-commerce! I don't know if my Pod will incorporate this for our particular marketing problem, but it may give some ideas to the groups in the other Pods! Check it out!